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How we organise our education

We educate two people, one dyslexic (or otherwise having a hard time with reading and/or writing) and another person who will assist the dyslexic in the training sessions afterwards. So the class runs over one day and then the training takes place for a few minutes every day up to six months. No prior knowledge is needed other than the basic ones noted below.

Please note: Since our most important priority is the quality of education this class will be limited to only 10 participants.

3 ex dyslexics


In order for the Catmodel to reach its full potential we recommend that a student is "normal" when it comes to a learning situation. This would be a student that has become good at anything. May it be a sport, computer games or studies.
In order to be eligible for our education we require the students to:
  • Know the letters of the alphabet (not necessarily in order)
  • Knows a language well (any language)
  • Doesn´t have any neurological or physical hindrances that would prevent from learning

  • Dubai
    Saturday 28th of August 2010 9.00-17.00 and Sunday the 29th 9.00-13.00.
    Investment: 1000:- Euros + Swedish Vat (25%) amounting to a total of 1250:- euros. Payable before the class.

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    and that there will be a fee if I retract my registration.

    (Please read terms below.)

    Registration is binding. This means that there will be a fee if you retract your registration.
    If you retract your registration one week before the start of the class you will pay half the fee. If you retract it before you will pay 20% of the total.

    Contact: Tel +46 (0)8 644 06 06 | +46 (0)707 - 270 270 | Email